Working With Kirkland Residential Real Estate Agent Effectively

29 Oct

Buying a new place for you to call home is often a risky investment. There are quite a lot of things to factor in your decision like price, current market trends and even taxes. That is why you will need the help of a kirkland residential real estate agent to get you through the buying process with little to no hitches at all. The key here is to work with the agent, either the one you hired or from the seller’s side, as closely as possible in order to get the best results.

Working with a Seller’s Agent

If there is one thing you need to know about working with an agent from the seller, it would be the fact that you are not paying them. Thus, you can expect a slightly adversarial relationship with the agent in the sense that he will do all he can to make sure his client does not get the short end of the deal. Thus, you would have to be careful when working with a seller’s agent in order to ensure the best for your side.
For instance, never confide with the agent how high you can go for prices will be unwise as they will certainly tell their client of such. This will make future negotiations profitable to only the seller. Instead, make sure that you give the agent a much more lower yet profitable price range. This way, you can even the playing field for your side.
Despite the disadvantage, a seller’s agent can help you make a more educated purchasing decision due to the fact that they know the property more than any agent out there, even those that share the same office as him. With the laws of disclosure in real estate found in several states, it is highly unlikely that they will withhold vital information if asked directly. Thus, it is best that you ask the agent as many questions as possible regarding the property.
Working With Your Agent
The recent transitions in the real estate industry have allowed more and more agents and brokers to work in the behalf of buyers. This means that you have quite a lot of agents to choose from at no extra cost due to the commission system that agents thrive on. Though you lose the benefit of directly knowing what a property can offer to you, working with a buyer’s agent can simplify matters for you.

With this system, the agent will be one that will deal with the seller for you. In fact, he will be asking the same set of questions you will when working with the seller’s agent. They can even do the search process for you, looking for the properties that will best fit your requirements and budget. Once done, all you have to do is to pick a place, go through the tour and seal the deal.
The key here is to make sure that the Kirkland residential real estate agent has no conflict of interest of sorts. In other words, make sure that an agent is not working for the seller while also working for you. Opting for an agent who works solely for the buyer’s side will ensure in a smooth yet highly rewarding buying process.

from Kathryn Bell – Managing Broker


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