5 Home Touring Etiquette Rules Every Home Buyer Needs To Follow

15 Sep
Buying a home does not only deal with tours, costs and contracts. As always, people and their personalities will play a great role in every phase of the transaction. There are times when buyers want the deal to be done quickly to save costs. On the flipside, every Kirkland residential real estate agent and buyer would want to make a generous profit. To make allparties meet on a common ground, various rules for home touring etiquette were established and expected to be followed by all.

Be Upfront

Touring prospective buyers can be a high-risk venture for a lot of real estate agents. After all, there is no telling whether one of the buyers would buy the houses being shown, let alone like it. Thus, every buyer is expected to be upfront throughout the selection process. It is necessary to tell the agent beforehand how many viewings you would like to see given the time, your price range and your expectations. This way, the real estate agent can prepare a viewing that fits your tastes accordingly.

Be Polite

Even though they are to leave it, the current homeowners still think of the place as their personal and private property. Thus, there is a fine line between checking out the place and ransacking it.The Kirkland residential real estate agent would ask their clients to bring as little as friends as possible. In fact, they will only allow the client’s partner, close friend or architect in every home tour. Also, refrain from giving any positive or negative feedback while still inside the house so as not to offend the current homeowners.

Punctuality Matters

A home tour is quite more complex to plan that it seems. The seller might have to re-organize their schedule and clean their place to accommodate the presence of a prospective buyer. Thus, it is a good idea to be punctual so as not to mess up the seller’s schedule. Show up on or before the time and make full use of the visiting period. If you find yourself unable to visit the place on the agreed date, you must tell the agent beforehand so the seller can make the necessary changes.

Have a Pre-Approval

In most cases, agents would want an assurance that you will follow through the sales process. This is why they would require potential homebuyers to present a pre-approval letter coming from a legitimate financial institution. This document will act as their sole assurance that you have what it takes to buy and pay for the home they will offer. Even if they don’t ask for it, it would be best to give the Kirkland residential real estate agent that you are already pre-approved for a mortgage.

Don’t Overstep Your Boundaries

In the moment that you find a property you like, it would still be best that you do not contact the seller directly. Instead, have the agent act as your representative to facilitate a smooth sales process. Also, it is best to not show up unannounced at the property or lurk around the yard. Keep in mind that you will only become its full owner once the contract has been signed and you have the keys to the house on your hand.

from Kathryn Bell – Managing Broker http://ift.tt/1qQ0iYH


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